Bangkok Street Food

B1 Spicy Cirtus Mango (Seasonal)
Fresh mango, chicken breast mixed with fantastic sauce
B2 Are Wrapped (Appetizer)
Complementing the one that has many benefits. Toasted coconut, dried shrimp, roasted peanut, red onion, ginger, lime & chili
B3 Spicy Khao Soi
Northern style curried with egg noodle soup. Choice of chicken drum stick or tofu. ** Medium spicy level**
B4 Kao Moo Yang
Charcoal marinated pork served with rice, salad, and tamarind sauce
B6 Khao Moo Dang
Slices of red roast pork served on rice covered with sticky soya sauce and boiled egg
B8 Kana Fai Dang
Chinese broccoli vine woked in garlic, chili, bean sauce. Choice of crispy pork, salty fish or tofu.
B9 Khao Ka Moo
Slow cooked pork hock in five spices, served with steamed Chinese broccoli, boiled egg and Jasmine rice or Brown rice.
B10 Spicy Mango Posse (Seasonal)
Fresh sweet mango, prawn, scallop, cashew nut, onion, bell pepper, sauteed with chili paste
Indicates hot & spicy. However, we can alter mild, medium, hot, or extreme hot to your taste.